Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Don't expect perfection of yourself or others. When we try to be perfect we are usually simply adapting to the unrealistic demands of others upon us whether stated out loud or demonstrated by some action of approval or disapproval.

I don't claim to be a psychologist but these are my observations of life. We are often disappointed because others do not live up to our hopes and dreams or perhaps even our requirements eh?

Life here on Earth is very complicated filled with pitfalls and challenges just exactly like you would expect in a school. This is not a nursery school here on Earth. It is a school for advanced learning.

Creator, I believe, trusts us to function in this school because we are grad students - as they say in college eh? Grad students do not have everything explained to them. By the time you get to working on graduate degrees you're expected to have certain knowledge down pat as part of your absolutely known and therefore if you happen to trip or stumble over something teacher might look at you and wonder - give you that strange look eh - and then you will know, "Oh no! This is something I'm supposed to know and...oh no...I learned this long ago."

We can all identify with that feeling in life when we trip over something that we've done before or that we thought we learned before. Know that all around us our fellow beings here eh - our fellow human beings and perhaps even others are tripping over some of these same things and having the same feelings we have.

So...lets not have unrealistic expectations that create a myth of life and get depressed when we can simply say, "Oh - that is life here in the school. Some day it will be recess and I will go on to live a happy benevolent life on some other planet where school is not in session and it is always time to have good times."

Until then though - Creator trusts us, I believe, to live as well as possible and to not expect or demand perfection from ourselves or others. Goodlife.

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