Friday, June 19, 2009

Guiding Principals

One of my foremost guiding principals is that if I hear about something or become aware of something that needs help, often associated with people I don't know and have never met as one might hear about from a friend or perhaps from the news but not always human beings - sometimes animals as we call them - the planet and so on, I find myself asking the question, "Is there something I can do about that?"

Unspoken in that question of course is that - is there something spiritual I can do about that or something shamanic. In short is there something I can do that I've been trained to do or that I can learn to do now to be of some aid to that situation.

I feel this question is important to pass on because in it there's a lot of valuable energy. For one, I'm assuming that there may be something I can do. I'm not just shaking my head and saying it can't be done.

Generally speaking I practice that if it exists something can be done to help and if I am not that person to be able to do it I have to accept that that's not for me to do - and I know there's a great many things that I am unable to do. I'm not a fireman. I am not in such professions where I can go out and have an immediate or hopefully immediate physical assistance to others but I am someone who has been taught and who has learned through asking questions like that that it may be possible to do something at a great distance.

Generally speaking when I've asked those questions I've received guidance from my spirit teachers and they say or suggest that I do this and that - and perhaps one of the reasons that I've been effective and been able to be effective in ways that surprised me at times and which I was happy to see the outcome is that I didn't question it*. I feel that's one of the most important things. If the energy felt good to me, and you have to be able to know how to use your body to know what feels good and what doesn't - if it felt good and it sounded good meaning that the outcome suggested that would happen would be good for all beings, then one must go ahead and do what you can.

Of course in the beginning of various things like that I started slow. I learned to do something that was one way - often involved, often with many steps but over time as I was able to do those steps easier and easier it was possible as with many things to eliminate those steps or to just do them in an easier way - not so much because I wanted to do it easier but rather so that it could be done quicker and just as effectively and often more effectively.

That's why you'll see a lot of instruction on my blogs A Mystical Man's World or Benevolent Magic and sometimes on Explorer Race and perhaps other places where I've posted things and the whole point is to suggest not only that - here's something I've learned to do but here's something you can do.

For those of you that are involved in practicing some of these things you probably will have noticed that it gets easier and some things lend themselves to other manners and means of doing. If you haven't noticed that then I will give you something you can do that may be quicker. Ask questions and I will serve as many of those questions as I am able.

I may not always tell you everything in this medium of the Internet and sometimes I will tell you things that seem to have a lot of extra steps but these are to keep you safe and to keep the being safe that you are working with.

Know that when you have a good connection with spirit and you're guided and instructed by them that there will always be certain checks in there to protect you the practitioner and to protect others at least until you get to the point where your body is able to communicate to your mind and your perceptions what feels good for you (see also this followed by this), what feels good for others, what feels good in general. When you have those feelings you will be able to know - this way not that way.

How do you know - not that way? Your body doesn't feel good - you get a bad feeling eh. That does not necessarily mean that something is wrong or evil for instance. Most likely it means that this is not for you to do, it's for others to do or the time is not right to do this, perhaps the place is not right.

It's a way of dowsing you might say, where it's based upon feelings. In dowsing one often experiences feelings that are in the energy around you but when your body gives you these hints, what I call instinct, then you are able to know and interpret your bodies feelings. I grant that it can be subtle at times but if you have quiet times you can tell.

One of the things I learned to do early on which seemed to be nonsensical at the time was that spirit guided me to go outside - and to go various places to do this but I will just mention a simple way - to go outside and to start walking in a given direction. To pick some place that was safe to walk - flat and perhaps not likely to step on life forms if possible and to not think about where I was going and if I suddenly got the feeling to turn left, to turn right, to turn around, to come back in the direction that I had been going and so on to just do that. This was one of the ways that I learned to pay attention to my bodies feelings.

I'm not saying that you ought to do these things, what I'm saying is I want to share my process with you so that I can leave as much knowledge and wisdom behind me for those of you are coming up, so to speak, and are interested in how to help as many beings as possible including of course yourself and those you love and care about. That's alright too.

Don't be shy to practice on yourself in that sense but know that many times there are things that others will need that may not have anything to do with you and you will have to accept this other principal and that is that - no matter what you do to help others there's always a very good chance you will never know the outcome. You have to be able to accept that.

If you can't accept that then perhaps some other way of life might be better for you but if you can accept that then this work may be in your future. It may be in the advantage of others if you do it well and it may be rewarding in its own way. The rewards come in what you can do and how you can help.

I'll say more about these things in time. Goodlife.

*Of course by then I knew I was dealing with reliable sources having acted and interacted over the years with these guides, angels and teachers.

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