Friday, April 9, 2010

Another Recommended Blog

Need a little more - ahhh, that's better - words and pictures only ;) Here's another blog to ease your day.

Italy, food and more with a little Hawaii thrown in as well. Tossed lightly and served with a warm heart.



Rowena... said...

Robert, you are too kind. But if my nonsense and chatter makes anyone smile than all is not in vain. It isn't easy managing all of the long italian meals and still not progressing to the next waist size up, but sometimes for a change of pace a beer, any ol' beer, will do. The only exception is Duff. I'm passing that one over to an italian friend that likes spam and peanut butter (not necessarily together!).

Robert Shapiro said...

Welcome Rowena, I appreciate the visit.

I'm impressed at your ability to halt the natural order of progress (clothing size that is) though I do appreciate your lack of enthusiasm for a beer best left to its cartoon origins.

Thanks for softening the blow about spam and peanut butter together. Some things are best left in their pure original state. :)