Saturday, March 24, 2018


 When I was young, really as a child, I remember that the thing I wanted - really more than anything else was to be able to explain myself - to know how to use words. 
 Very often people would ask me something and I would have a strong feeling on what I wanted to say but I just didn’t have the words. I remember on several occasions just saying to myself, “I wish I had the words to explain myself - to say what I want or what I need.” Like that in feeling only not as clearly as that in words in those days.
 You may find that hard to believe considering all the books I have out now but I think really that some of the reason that I did come into channeling years later, even though I had at that time forgotten those wishes I made as a child, was because I was fascinated by not only the words, the knowledge and the wisdom but the command of the language demonstrated by the beings I channeled. Not every word but many words that I didn’t know and had never used before. So that was fascinating to me in the beginning of my channeling work.
 To this day though, I still have issues when people ask me - what are you doing? Or, what’s up? Or what’s new? I just will sometimes draw a blank for a few moments or more. So that’s just an issue for me.
 I’m not asking for any psychological help here, I’m just saying it’s a quirk.
 So if we ever meet and you ask me a question or you ask me about something and I pause for a few moments before answering, just give me a little time. I may not have an eloquent answer and I may not even string together very good words at that time and then you’ll know that that issue is up for me - and sometime later you might get a nice email when I have the words then.
 Granted when I was young it might have been that I was shy but nowadays I’m not really so shy anymore. I think it’s because my natural way of speaking is with feelings.  
 Well, I thought you might find that interesting. It’s just one of those things. Goodlife

Monday, October 16, 2017

Welcoming The Light

I was visiting friends and family years ago in northern California and went for a walk just to explore the neighborhood. On my walk I happened to look across the street towards a sidewalk a little bit at a distance because I could see that it was raining very lightly there and the rain appeared to be moving slowly in my direction.

I saw suddenly a rainbow which had just appeared there and it was very bright. I stopped to appreciate its beauty. 

A moment later there was a man walking along there and he walked towards the rainbow and then he actually became in the rainbow and the light totally illuminated him. He raised his arms up and welcomed it and he literally glowed with the light.

What a wondrous experience I thought. I wished it could be me but I was so happy for him. I just wanted to share that because it was such a marvelous sight. May you have such beauty in your life. Goodlife to you all.