Sunday, September 24, 2023

WTF Happened?!

I feel there is so much insight and wisdom she expresses in this video. I also feel this insight and wisdom can be applied to a great many people's lives in their own circumstances as well as in these times of personal crises both big and small. 
Wisdom is a precious substance especially when it guides us to a more compatible and hopefully more benevolent outcome. Goodlife to you all.

Monday, August 14, 2023

Favorite Classical Music

Some of my favorite classical music. Sometimes there are more then one version of the same melody. Different ways to say different things eh? 

Also after many tries to post this it might just be easier to click on the link to watch and listen to this on YouTube.

Neighbors were outraged at remodel. Then they visited & fell in love

The other day I was thinking about how, in these times, people are finding ways to express themselves as themselves rather then following trends only.
These people seem to have found a way to demonstrate who they are in their own special way.
Lets all be ourselves in the most benevolent and fun way for us. Goodlife