Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Impossible Can Be Done

Some years ago when I was living in Santa Fe, New Mexico I was driving home, from having been to town, on a long dirt road. It was a very straight part of the road and I could see well into the horizon. As I was nearing my turnoff to go to the house where I was living with my then lady friend P., I could see a plane that was steeply diving. I didn't know what they were doing.

It was an old plane like from World War 2 that was used for transport purposes - taking troops here and there and supplies. Many of these planes are still active.

I slowed down because I didn't understand why the plane was diving in that way. Within a few seconds I realized there was something wrong because a plane like that - I don't know that much about airplanes but it could not possibly pull out of that dive. It was clearly going to crash and no one could survive - but I have had these experiences before where I have learned how to help in such circumstances.

I asked to have the energy to do that right then - without using the words - just the feeling. I felt the energy pour into me and I moved my right hand - with the vehicle I was driving stopped - I moved my right hand and put it under the plane as it was coming down, down, down and as it was doing that I pushed up.

It's an interesting feeling that, because there's actually a feeling of resistance even though I was doing this in my car with the windshield of my car between myself and the plane. I pushed up you see, and the plane almost hit the ground. It did something that I've experienced before pushing up with a plane.

The same thing happened where it almost hit the ground and suddenly doing something that would amount to a non-ballistic motion perhaps you'd call it - I'm not sure - the plane made a sudden sharp turn, about 30 degrees. I wouldn't say that that kind of turn was possible in a plane. On the other hand I'm sure the occupants of the plane did not object to impossibility happening in that moment.

The plane almost hit the ground. It came within a few feet because I could see clearly in front of me the land and the terrain which was fairly flat right there. The plane went suddenly straight up - not banking - just went straight up and continued on its flight.

I can't imagine what it was like inside that plane at that moment but I believe that perhaps a few people might have been converted to believing in something higher - perhaps Creator if they weren't sure about that before. They might have considered going to church or temple or wherever they went that weekend. I do not know of course, I was exhilarated because instead of a terrible plane crash there were people continuing on about their errands.

I am not saying that I am such a great person. I have learned how to do these things. I believe others may have learned as well over time. Maybe you can learn someday. Goodlife.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Unexpected

Sunset in Oakland, originally uploaded by kimbar.

Many years ago I received a call from my sister. She was terribly upset and I didn't know what it would evolve into but between gasps and sobs she told me that our mother had died unexpectedly.

My sister had taken her to the hospital and almost in no time she passed away.

When I was listening to my sister I was very sad naturally as you can imagine and my special friend who was with me at the time rushed over to see if she could help and she sat there quietly.

I've never found it easy to cry. I know a lot of men out there can completely identify with this. I think that little boys cry, just like little girls. Somewhere along the line we are taught that it's not acceptable - maybe not manly to cry but of course we feel like doing it and we stuff it down don't we.

But there are times aren't there when someone you really love passes over and then... Well I started to cry then and my friend sat near by me but she did not say too much. She didn't want to interfere with my process. She had never seen or heard me cry of course but it turned out I did have company.

We lived at that time in an area that was partially wooded behind us and almost immediately - though I had not heard them before and they are usually beings who let you know a little bit that they're around - almost immediately coyotes started to cry with me. They howled and they cried and they made their sounds.

All the time I was weeping they cried with me and the moment I stopped they stopped. I know coyotes can be a bane for us at times but I'll never forget and I'll always appreciate the night the coyotes cried with me.



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Friday, July 17, 2009

Over Colorado

Over Colorado 1, originally uploaded by kimbar.

I used to live in southern Colorado. I really liked it there and I still have a very good friend who lives there.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

More On Spirit Communication Through The Clouds

Above the Pacific, originally uploaded by kimbar.

I was just glancing outside at the clouds. Beautiful day outside, beautiful clouds in the sky. Quite a few cloud spirits there - but I was looking at this one cloud and I saw a perfectly shaped letter S. That was really funny. It wasn't there for too long. Just being nice and friendly and being fun.

There's a lot of phenomena that's really just part of life and interacting with spirits that are available that will communicate with you in the most available way. So be open to it if you happen to be reading this - be open to possibilities.

One of the easiest ways to have an interaction with spirit is to look at the clouds in the sky and say this, "I am asking that if spirit would like to communicate with me that they do so anytime I am looking at the clouds in a most benevolent way for me."

Then don't be attached to anything happening right in that moment but it might and always remember to look for faces in the clouds. Sometimes they might be there for you, other times they're there for others - for you don't know who else may be around.

They might not even be meant for humans. Sometimes you might see shapes of animals. I've discussed these things before but I'm mentioning it again now because it is so much more available for us now.

So, have fun with this. Goodlife.


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Friday, July 10, 2009

Consider Trust

I've read a lot of criticism of astrology over the years. I grant that some of the light weight versions of astrology that are meant to be cheering and supportive that one sees at times in this or that publication may not be the most accurate but then when you think about it the astrology that one finds in more studious volumes really is compiled of a great deal of observations made by astute people compiled over the years.

I'm a little at a loss to explain why it is so suspect in so many peoples minds. After all we are not so very suspicious of the Farmer's Almanac. In fact many people are able to farm in small and large ways with the assistance of that famous book which is also in large part a compilation of the observations of many people who have helped to bring it about over the years.

There's another factor that I'm thinking about these days and that's witnesses. After all we trust witnesses enough that they are presented in this and that court case and often are very convincing not only to juries but frequently to attorneys and judges as well. So why are we so suspicious of witnesses who are the same people or just as expert observers or others who might observe something that is not approved of for this or that reason.

I'm referring here in this case to people who've said they've seen ET's or had ET experiences and crop circle observations and all this other stuff that in some circles or some countries is frowned upon. I've been to a few other countries and I've had the opportunity to notice that such observations by witnesses there are taken just as seriously as they might be in a court of law.

I feel that our country for some reason or another many years ago stepped onto a path of official frowning upon witnesses who have seen or experienced things that were not approved of. I'm quite certain that the powers that be in various government circles wish mightily that that path was not taken and all over the world you will find in other countries that that path was not taken and therefore such reports are taken more seriously.

I'm not trying to lecture anyone and saying, "You - bad" :-) but rather I am just saying that we do not have to follow a standard established by frightened people in the past when it isn't necessarily so or as the famous song lyric goes, "It ain't necessarily so" (George and Ira Gershwin - lyrics and chords).

So I'm just observing today that I feel it'd be a good thing to decide whether we actually do trust witnesses and ultimately whether we do actually trust people. If we trust them to provide observations that are beneficial including the cycles of the moon as is very important in planting - and so, trusting the Farmer's Almanac - that we can perhaps give some more credence to astrology and the observations of otherwise completely healthy normal and intelligent people who say they've seen ET's, they've had experiences, they've seen ships (UFO's) and/or they've had experiences with human beings that need to be reported to authorities and taken seriously.

Lets seriously consider beginning to take human beings and what they say seriously.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Surf and Mist in Big Sur

Big Sur from Nepenthe, originally uploaded by kimbar.

Used to love going to Big Sur many years ago. Saw something beautiful once on the way - horses running and playing in the surf. They were having such a good time running around and chasing each other through the water. They're just like us you know - in a lot of ways.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Santuario de la Virgen de los Remedios, originally uploaded by kimbar.

Kimbar remarks: "This church, like others all over the world, is built on the remains of the previous religious edifice - in this case, a pyramid."