Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Impossible Can Be Done

Some years ago when I was living in Santa Fe, New Mexico I was driving home, from having been to town, on a long dirt road. It was a very straight part of the road and I could see well into the horizon. As I was nearing my turnoff to go to the house where I was living with my then lady friend P., I could see a plane that was steeply diving. I didn't know what they were doing.

It was an old plane like from World War 2 that was used for transport purposes - taking troops here and there and supplies. Many of these planes are still active.

I slowed down because I didn't understand why the plane was diving in that way. Within a few seconds I realized there was something wrong because a plane like that - I don't know that much about airplanes but it could not possibly pull out of that dive. It was clearly going to crash and no one could survive - but I have had these experiences before where I have learned how to help in such circumstances.

I asked to have the energy to do that right then - without using the words - just the feeling. I felt the energy pour into me and I moved my right hand - with the vehicle I was driving stopped - I moved my right hand and put it under the plane as it was coming down, down, down and as it was doing that I pushed up.

It's an interesting feeling that, because there's actually a feeling of resistance even though I was doing this in my car with the windshield of my car between myself and the plane. I pushed up you see, and the plane almost hit the ground. It did something that I've experienced before pushing up with a plane.

The same thing happened where it almost hit the ground and suddenly doing something that would amount to a non-ballistic motion perhaps you'd call it - I'm not sure - the plane made a sudden sharp turn, about 30 degrees. I wouldn't say that that kind of turn was possible in a plane. On the other hand I'm sure the occupants of the plane did not object to impossibility happening in that moment.

The plane almost hit the ground. It came within a few feet because I could see clearly in front of me the land and the terrain which was fairly flat right there. The plane went suddenly straight up - not banking - just went straight up and continued on its flight.

I can't imagine what it was like inside that plane at that moment but I believe that perhaps a few people might have been converted to believing in something higher - perhaps Creator if they weren't sure about that before. They might have considered going to church or temple or wherever they went that weekend. I do not know of course, I was exhilarated because instead of a terrible plane crash there were people continuing on about their errands.

I am not saying that I am such a great person. I have learned how to do these things. I believe others may have learned as well over time. Maybe you can learn someday. Goodlife.


Kirsten K said...

Wow. When I feel a tramendous amount of energy well up inside of me, in instances of emergency when protection action is needed, I'll suddenly feel as if I can "move mountains". Maybe there is something to that!...? Thank you, Kirsten

Robert Shapiro said...

As we have discussed, there definitely is as far as you're concerned my friend. I know you will use it wisely.


Kirsten K said...

I hear you, and yes you are right, I am aware of the wisdom that I feel is required with this. Thank you, Kirsten