Friday, April 9, 2010

Readin (Not Writin or Rithmatic)

What do you read to relax and let go of the cares and stresses of the day? Sometimes I like to read cozy mysteries, when I'm not reading or writing blogs that is :)

I may have picked this up as a relaxation method from noticing my mother reading Agatha Christie mysteries when I was a youngster. The books were around the house of course but in those days I was more interested in baseball and what was Duke Snider up to with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Nowadays though a nice cozy mystery, an easy chair to relax in and a recollection of my father reading the newspaper in the big red chair as we used to call it (Dad's chair) brings forth a smile and makes it easier to flow into the story.



Kim said...

I remember that chair so well - it was red horsehair (I don't think it came from a horse!) It would never have occurred to us to sit there when Dad was home. But we did use the blue velvet love seats as a boat when pushed together - remember?

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Kim,

Yes, it was really Dad's chair.

I remember the blue love seats but I don't remember boat :) I know you've asked me that before.

So good to hear from you here.