Friday, July 10, 2009

Consider Trust

I've read a lot of criticism of astrology over the years. I grant that some of the light weight versions of astrology that are meant to be cheering and supportive that one sees at times in this or that publication may not be the most accurate but then when you think about it the astrology that one finds in more studious volumes really is compiled of a great deal of observations made by astute people compiled over the years.

I'm a little at a loss to explain why it is so suspect in so many peoples minds. After all we are not so very suspicious of the Farmer's Almanac. In fact many people are able to farm in small and large ways with the assistance of that famous book which is also in large part a compilation of the observations of many people who have helped to bring it about over the years.

There's another factor that I'm thinking about these days and that's witnesses. After all we trust witnesses enough that they are presented in this and that court case and often are very convincing not only to juries but frequently to attorneys and judges as well. So why are we so suspicious of witnesses who are the same people or just as expert observers or others who might observe something that is not approved of for this or that reason.

I'm referring here in this case to people who've said they've seen ET's or had ET experiences and crop circle observations and all this other stuff that in some circles or some countries is frowned upon. I've been to a few other countries and I've had the opportunity to notice that such observations by witnesses there are taken just as seriously as they might be in a court of law.

I feel that our country for some reason or another many years ago stepped onto a path of official frowning upon witnesses who have seen or experienced things that were not approved of. I'm quite certain that the powers that be in various government circles wish mightily that that path was not taken and all over the world you will find in other countries that that path was not taken and therefore such reports are taken more seriously.

I'm not trying to lecture anyone and saying, "You - bad" :-) but rather I am just saying that we do not have to follow a standard established by frightened people in the past when it isn't necessarily so or as the famous song lyric goes, "It ain't necessarily so" (George and Ira Gershwin - lyrics and chords).

So I'm just observing today that I feel it'd be a good thing to decide whether we actually do trust witnesses and ultimately whether we do actually trust people. If we trust them to provide observations that are beneficial including the cycles of the moon as is very important in planting - and so, trusting the Farmer's Almanac - that we can perhaps give some more credence to astrology and the observations of otherwise completely healthy normal and intelligent people who say they've seen ET's, they've had experiences, they've seen ships (UFO's) and/or they've had experiences with human beings that need to be reported to authorities and taken seriously.

Lets seriously consider beginning to take human beings and what they say seriously.



Kirsten said...

Good point (s), Robert. Lately I've noticed National Public Radio airing interviews and news programs where it was mentioned, a little and on different occasions, observations of UFOs and possible proof of life elsewhere. Maybe this means there is beginning to be a change in what is considered news worthy. Thank you, Kirsten

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Kirsten, thanks very much for your comment and informing us of the changing times we live in in regards to news broadcasts.

One would hope that this might be a trend.

Goodlife my friend.