Sunday, July 12, 2009

More On Spirit Communication Through The Clouds

Above the Pacific, originally uploaded by kimbar.

I was just glancing outside at the clouds. Beautiful day outside, beautiful clouds in the sky. Quite a few cloud spirits there - but I was looking at this one cloud and I saw a perfectly shaped letter S. That was really funny. It wasn't there for too long. Just being nice and friendly and being fun.

There's a lot of phenomena that's really just part of life and interacting with spirits that are available that will communicate with you in the most available way. So be open to it if you happen to be reading this - be open to possibilities.

One of the easiest ways to have an interaction with spirit is to look at the clouds in the sky and say this, "I am asking that if spirit would like to communicate with me that they do so anytime I am looking at the clouds in a most benevolent way for me."

Then don't be attached to anything happening right in that moment but it might and always remember to look for faces in the clouds. Sometimes they might be there for you, other times they're there for others - for you don't know who else may be around.

They might not even be meant for humans. Sometimes you might see shapes of animals. I've discussed these things before but I'm mentioning it again now because it is so much more available for us now.

So, have fun with this. Goodlife.


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